2020-21 Family Engagement Team Members
This years members are:

Jennifer Nguyen (Teacher and Facilitator) Contact Jennifer Nguyen by email

Ami Bunch (Teacher)

Brittany Camden (Teacher)

Kristopher Konz (Parent)

Tanya Konz (Parent)

Sarah Moffett (Parent)

Mary Montes (Parent)

Kathy Osollo (Principal)

Jenny Rienstra (Parent)

Chrissy Van Cleve (Parent)
2020-21 Family Engagement Team Minutes

The Parent-Teacher Club works hand in hand with the school staff to provide support programs and opportunities to be involved with our school.

Gale School Council
The School Site Council is a representative body of at least six, but not more than nine people who are elected from the Gale School Shared-Decision Making Community according to School Council By-laws. The School Council is the primary governing body of the Gale School. The School Council makes policy decisions for the school in accordance with Administration Regulations, Board policies, state law and consensus.
2020-21 School Site Council Members
Site Council Facilitator & Teacher Rep
Susan Williams
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Kathy Osollo
Secretary and Teacher Rep
Megan Pessin

Parent Rep
Trina Zimmerman-Hall
Jenny Rienstra

Classified Rep
Kelly Turkin

Community Rep

2020-21 School Site Council Meeting Agendas
PTC Officers
Kathy Osollo
Contact Kathy Osollo by email

Chrissy Van Cleve
Contact Chrissy Van Cleve by email

Starlene Gildea

Vice- President
Sarah Moffett
Contact Sarah Moffett by email

Teacher Liason
Brittany Camden - Intermediate
Contact Brittany Camden by email

Ami Bunch - Primary
Contact Ami Bunch by email 

Mike Moffett
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Brittany Camden
Contact Brittany Camden by email

Volunteer Coordinator
Donation Coordinator
Tanya Konz
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2020-21 School Site Council Minutes
PTC 2020-21 Meeting Minutes