Staff Directory

Ms. Kathy Osollo
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Contact Ms. Osollo by phone: 520-731-4504 Direct Line
Office Staff
Office Manager
Kelly Turkin 
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Contact by Phone: 520-731-4500

Attendance Clerk
Cindy Franks
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Contact by Phone: 520-731-4501
Health Office
Health Clerk
Hannah Thandi
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Contact by Phone: 520-731-4517

Kathy Stinely
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Contact by Phone: 520-731-4516
Exceptional Education and Inclusion
Certified Teachers:
Grades 3-5

Jenna Gardner
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Grades K-3
Gail Masi
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Occupational Therapist:
Camille France
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Physical Therapist:
Allison Schubach
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Speech Therapist:
Courtney Bedient
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Juli McChesney
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Brenda MacAlpine
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Lisa Barrera
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Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 4
Grade 5
Inclusive Preschool
Jennifer Connolly
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Darcy Langan
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Patti Trujillo
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Gifted and Talented Education
GATE Resource Teacher 

Glenn Dobbin
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District GATE Website
Library Media Specialist
Lynn Real
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Library Assistant
Katie Courville
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Library Phone Number
Specialized Departments
Integration & Intervention
Briana Gryzynger
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Math Interventionist
Peggy Headings
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Reading Interventionist
Jennifer Nguyen
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Title 1 Reading Specialists
Elizabeth Browne
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MTSS Facilitator  
Mindy Diamond
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English Language Development
Kristi Chapman 
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Fine Arts And Enrichment
Phillip Switzer
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Jose Moore
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Music and Art
Dara Laird
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Physical Education
Osha Sky
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School Psychologist 
Veronica Arvizu, Ed.S.
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Social Worker
Candelaria Lochner
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Gabriela Meraz
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School Community Liaison
Chrissy Van Cleve
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Support Staff
School Monitor
Amanda Aneshansley

Custodial Staff
Jerry Villa
AM Custodian
Jason Gyarmathy
PM Custodian

Teachers Aides
Kaylee Keers-McGill
Juli McChesney

Food Services

Ashley Stevens
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TEAL Before/After-School Program
Payton Sanders Rios  
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