Gale School Volunteer Policy
When children enter Gale Elementary School, teachers and parents must become partners in facilitating children’s learning. One of the most important things we can do for children is to allow them to see parents and teachers working together. This helps children realize that there is a bond between home, community and school.Parents and other caregivers who work in the school come to understand their child’s education better.

School Volunteers serve under the direction of school staff to meet the needs of students. There are many opportunities for you to become involved at Gale School. Contact the Parent Teacher Club coordinator or your child’s classroom teacher.

Some children are not ready to have their parents in the classroom with them. In the classroom, parents have a different role; they are assisting the teacher. However, some children are unable to accept their parents in any role other than parent. In these cases, it is better for the parent to volunteer in another area of the school.

In order to promote a quality education, Gale Site Council has developed this Volunteer Policy. These are the expectations we have for all adults who work with Gale students. Please read this packet and complete the application. Before you volunteer you must attend an orientation meeting and submit the application to the office for review. You only need to attend orientation once while your children are at Gale.
Confidentiality is of the utmost importance in your association with teachers and students.  

What you see and hear at the school is private. You are in a unique position when you volunteer in the classroom to have information that is not to be shared. Students you observe in the classroom or the school cannot be discussed with other parents, faculty or staff. You may not discuss a child even with that child’s parents. You must always refer any question regarding students at Gale to the child’s teacher or the principal.
When you are volunteering at Gale you are demonstrating your support for education. Please understand that in academic settings it is important to be able to give your full attention to the task at hand. For this reason, do not bring any children with you when you are volunteering during school hours.  

Drivers or chaperones on fieldtrips agree to abide by Board Policy 6153 on Student Travel as it pertains to safety and private vehicles used as transportation. Each driver on a field trip will complete TUSD form #179. Volunteers may not bring other children with them.  

If you are on a fieldtrip we assume you are either driving or chaperoning. We are expecting your full attention for the children you are supervising on the field trip.  

Exceptions: At times, teachers invite other family members for special functions. Some of these functions might be the Heritage Feast, Thanksgiving Feasts, or other family oriented celebrations. At this time, siblings or other family members may be invited by the teacher.
Parents who volunteer outside school hours may at times find it necessary to bring siblings to school. At these times, those children must be under the parent’s direct supervision. The parent is responsible for the children’s safety and must keep the children with them at all times.
Please adhere to the Gale dress code found in the Family Handbook.
Remember we are all - teachers, staff and volunteers - role models for the children around us. "Little eyes" are watching, listening and learning appropriate behavior from our actions.  

Cussing, inappropriate language or discussions are not allowed on campus or on fieldtrips.  

Board Policy 1350: Conduct or speech which violates commonly accepted standards of the school district and which, under the circumstances, has no redeeming social value.
Please conduct all private conversations outside of the classroom. Teachers need the attention of the students to direct the instruction. Extraneous conversations distract from the task at hand. Remember that conversations in the hallways are distracting as well.
Cell phones are to be turned off in the classrooms. If you need to be reached, please let the office know you are expecting a call and the office manager will page you.
Schools are tobacco free zones. This means you may not even bring tobacco products on campus in your purse or pockets. You may not smoke on field trips even in your own car.  

Governing Board Policy 4360 and Arizona Revised Statures 36-601.01 and 36-798.03  

Smoking and possession of tobacco products are prohibited in all district buildings, on all district property, on school grounds, inside school buildings, in school parking lots or playing fields, in school buses or vehicles, or at off-campus school sponsored events. “Tobacco products” include cigarettes, cigarette papers, cigars, smoking tobacco, and non-smoking tobacco.
Volunteers are not to discipline students. Discipline is solely the responsibility of the teacher. The teacher is the professional whose responsibility it is to plan the course of study and see that it is implemented. The volunteer always works under the direction of the teacher to HELP, not replace the teacher.  

On fieldtrips when you are the adult supervising a group of children and the teacher is unavailable, volunteers may appropriately address safety or behavior issues. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to inform the teacher as soon as possible about these issues. However, any consequences for behavior are the responsibility of the teacher, not the volunteer.
Adults are respectful to children and children are always expected to be respectful in return. If on any occasion you are treated disrespectfully, tell the teacher or the principal as soon as possible. Elementary age children are still learning appropriate behavior and this is an opportunity to reteach respect.Children should call you Mr., Ms. or Mrs., but should not address you by your first name.
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